Schwarzkopf 3D MenSion Activating Shampoo 250ml

Schwarzkopf 3D MenSion Activating Shampoo 250ml
Brand: Schwarzkopf
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Schwarzkopf 3D MenSion Activating Shampoo Pack of 6:

Using a professional formula based around pathenol, taurin and carnitine, Schwarzkopf [3D]MENSION Activating Shampoo works to increase hair growth by delivering vital nutrients directly into the hair follicle.

Helping to regain hair density as part of a 24 week hair growth routine, Schwarzkopf [3D]MENSION Activating Shampoo has been formulated with panthenol to improve moisture, taurin to strengthen the scalp and carnitine to stimulate activity within the hair root. Reclaim a thicker hair and a full appearance with Schwarzkopf [3D]MENSION Activating Shampoo. Best used in conjunction with Schwarzkopf [3D]MENSION Activating Serum Shots.

Men defy stereotypes. Men hate doing just one thing. Men like to keep their options open. No wonder, men expect their hair care to be just like them. Schwarzkopf [3D]MENSION is the first Schwarzkopf Professional range that’s 100% engineered for men using the principle of Trichology – the science of hair, scalp and roots.