Urban Decay Book of Shadows Vol IV

Product Name: Urban Decay Book of Shadows Vol IV


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Urban Decay Book of Shadows Vol IV

The Specifics

- 16 shades of eye shadow
- Super Curling Mascara
- 24hour Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner
- Eye Shadow Primer Potion
- Make-up suitable for all skin types
- Self-standing box with mirror
- Inbuilt pocket to store mobile phone
- Includes mini-speaker; attaches to keys and plugs into media players

Creating striking peepers| this Urban Decay make-up set contains everything but the kitchen sink to lengthen lashes| decorate eyelids| and add a dramatic sweep to everyone?s favourite facial feature. Sixteen different sparkling eye shadows ranging from subtle to dramatic make an appearance| while a curling mascara and waterproof eyeliner bolster the sets? make-over credentials. The box also comes with a mini-speaker key ring and an inbuilt phone holder for those who enjoy mixing music and make-up| plus an inbuilt mirror to get faces reflecting on their beauty.

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