Sensationail Gel Polish Assorted X 100

Sensationail Gel Polish Assorted X 100
Brand: SensatioNail
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Wholessale Cosmetics Sensationail Color Gel Polish Pack Of 12:

Sensationail Color Gel Polish X 12 introduces a vast variety of Shades and provides up to 12 applications. Assorted Shade from below. 

After Five
Bitter Sweet
Bubbly Champange
Candy Cane Crush
Cappuccino Delight
Desert Night
Dizzy Daisy
Force Of Nature
Fuchsia Fab
Fuzzy Navel
Galaxy Glitter
Going For The Rose Gold
Gold Red Glitter
Island Hopper
Kiwi Squeeze
Luscious Lemon
Matcha Madness
Mauve Maven
Orange Fizz
Peachy Keen
Pink Daisy
Shimmering Spruce
Silver Blue Glitter
Smoky Night
Something Blue
Tag Me Taupe