Beyonce 4-Piece Pulse Gift Set

Beyonce 4-Piece Pulse Gift Set
Brand: Beyonce
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Barkod Yok
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Beyonce 4pce Pulse Gift Set X 1: 

Feel the power of the scent in the Beyoncé Parfums portfolio. Beyoncé possesses an energy unlike any other. It moves through her, around her. Never fading as it surges, pulsates, electrifies. She draws you in with her strength, her power.

Set includes:

100ml Eau de Perfume
15ml Eau de Perfume
75ml Body Milk
75ml Shower Cream
Reflective of Beyoncé’s incredible energy and powerful femininity, the fresh notes in Beyoncé Pulse intermingle to create a unique citrus, floral gourmand, anchored by Beyoncé’s favourite flower, the orchid.